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Research Article September 22 2020
Using indicators of ENSO, IOD, and SAM to improve lead time and accuracy of tropical cyclone outlooks for Australia
Research Article September 22 2020
Evaluating the performance of WRF urban schemes and PBL schemes over Dallas Fort Worth during a dry summer and a wet summer
Research Article September 17 2020
Skill and potential economic value of forecasts of ice accretion on wind turbines
Research Article September 9 2020
A hybrid downscaling approach for future temperature and precipitation change
Research Article September 3 2020
Daily Autocorrelation and Mean Temperature/Moisture Rise as Determining Factors for Future Heatwave Patterns in the U.S.
Research Article August 31 2020
Climatic Shift of the Tropical Cyclone Activity Affecting the Vietnam’s Coastal Region
Research Article August 31 2020
Dynamical downscaling for Southeast Alaska: Historical climate and future projections
Research Article August 28 2020
Geospatial QPE Accuracy Dependence on Weather Radar Network Configurations
Research Article August 28 2020
Aviation Turbulence Forecasting at Upper Levels with Machine Learning Techniques based on Regression Trees
Research Article August 27 2020
Assessment of Planetary Boundary Layer parametrizations and urban heat island comparison: Impacts and implications for tracer transport
Research Article August 26 2020
Impact of a Dense Surface Network on High-Resolution Dynamical Downscaling via Observation Nudging
Research Article August 25 2020
Unlocking GOES: A Statistical Framework for Quantifying the Evolution of Convective Structure in Tropical Cyclones
Research Article August 24 2020
LLAP Band Structure and Intense Lake-Effect Snowfall Downwind of Lake Ontario: Insights from the OWLeS 7–9 January 2014 Event
Research Article August 24 2020
WRF Modelling of Deep Convection and Hail for Wind Power Applications
Research Article August 20 2020
Weather Generator Based Downscaling of EAWM Strength Prediction to the Climate of a Korean Basin
Research Article August 10 2020
Microphysical Insights into Ice Pellet Formation Revealed by Fully Polarimetric Ka-band Doppler Radar
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